Our story


To make life safe, simple, and efficient for power texters.

Why Let's Hop?

As an iPhone user, I was tired and frustrated with getting stuck in group chats with people who had Androids and turned our blue bubble group chat to green, negatively impacting the group messaging experience. Some of the challenges included photos would come in different sizes, message status (delivered indicators), I no longer had the option of leaving a group, and all I could do was put the group on mute.

- Sidney James, Co-Founder & CEO, Let's Hop

While researching users' needs around messaging, everyone we talked to seemed to have the same frustrations with messaging. iPhone users were annoyed, and Android users felt bullied into switching to an iPhone. There's a clear problem, and nobody has developed a good solution. As a designer, I'm always motivated by using design to improve everyday interactions, and there is no shortage of problems to solve in this space.

- Erin Sonntag, Co-Founder & CDO, Let's Hop

Group chats can be so overwhelming. You put your phone down for five minutes and can miss a whole conversation. There had to be a better way to stay connected to friends without feeling this heavy pressure to stay on top of every notification. On top of that, those dreaded green bubbles in a group chat often meant missing out on what should've been a fun and engaging texting experience.

- Brittany Moorer, Co-Founder & CCO, Let's Hop

Our 'aha!' moment

We realized current apps were not cutting it. They were overwhelming, outdated, and boring. We wanted to bring the perfect blend of email, instant messaging, and texting features into one app.

Who we serve?

We help power texters that feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or tired of navigating from numerous messaging apps to have fun and stay connected.

Core pillars


Your Role Does Not Define You

We believe mental health is the true wealth of our organization. We spend so many hours of our life working; we want to be sure those work hours contribute to who we are and want to be as a person and never restrict ourselves. You are your most valuable asset. Our value as a company comes from the value of our team members.

Be Your Authentic Self

We want you to act in ways that show your true self and how you feel.

Be Curious

We are lifetime learners who seek new inspiration, learnings, and experiences while pushing the envelope through exploration.

Be Humble

We believe that no one person is more significant than another. We will always communicate and interact with respect, devoid of egotism and self-praise. We operate with compassion and will always help others.


Be Organized

We are organized in thought, schedule, and task to ensure we operate at the highest mental execution level.

Be Customer-Focused

We must truly understand our customers holistically from their daily habits.

Be Detail-Oriented

We know details matter, so we pay close attention to the small things in any project or event.

Be Data-driven

We believe that great decisions are made with supporting data. We love innovation and new ideas, but every decision needs to be supported by some data to mitigate risk to enhance our chances of being a successful organization.


Make mistakes

We encourage trial and error to push innovation. We have a saying, “we're willing to try cooking with new ingredients at different temperatures, but don't serve a distasteful or burnt dish.”

Value Communication

We encourage open dialogue, being good listeners, and collaboration.

Be Disciplined

We have focus and consistency to achieve all goals.

Be Flexible

Our environment is agile and fluid. Bring the mindset to adjust and execute quickly and calmly, enabling you to deal with unexpected situations effectively.

Be Gracious

We believe in being polite and thoughtful when interacting with each other.